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Yes, I can see you'd take it Jackie, if only because you found something that worked to do that job. I was sorted out by a very good friend of mine and have mine synced with Gmail and this continues to happen.

Now I have to work out how to do a CSV list. The thought of working out whether the columns are going to be right, wrong or indifferent when taking that file from Braille Sense doesn't appeal, so the job is put off again and again ...

Anyone out there with more knowledge than I have and is willing to lend a hand then please shout! <Smiles>

I am told, incidentally, that the HIMS contacts takes its own formats so I'm guessing it's not going to work too well out of the box!

Carol P

On 19/10/2016 12:05, Jackie Brown wrote:

Hi Steve

It's good for synchronising my iPhone contacts across to my Touch, and it is
very accessible.

Kind Regards,

Jackie Brown

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Interesting. Why is Smoothsync needed?  Doesn't the regular Android sync do
it for you?  Just curious.

All the best


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Hi Alison

Here are some I use on iOS:

BBC News

BBC Weather


K-NFB Reader




There are a couple of additional good ones I use on my BrailleNote Touch too
for Android:

SmoothSync Calendar

SmoothSync Contacts

Kind Regards,

Jackie Brown

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I was going to respond with IOs devices but I can see no reason why I
couldn't send her a list of all three categories.


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