[access-uk] Re: turning off auto shutdown feature on sky+hd box?

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Ah, didn't realize it was possible. You really can learn something every day!

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  Hi Simon,


  I can't remember how to do it honestly, but what I did was to ring up the Sky 
Disability team and they gave me exact keystrokes on the remote to do it.  They 
are excellent.  Give it a try.


  All the best




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  Subject: [access-uk] turning off auto shutdown feature on sky+hd box? 


  hello all, 

  does anyone know if there is a way to turn off the feature on a sky+hd box, 
that makes it turn off after a certain amount of time? 

  as this feature is a total pest when trying to use it with a good old video 
recorder! as half the time, by the time the VCR comes on, the sky+hd box has 
shutdown, so nothing records! 

  it is driving me mad, and I really want to stop the sky+hd box from doing 
this, if I can. 





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