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put your view to list, for all folders from control panel, folder options, that 
might work.
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  I know I have posted this before, but I am still having the same issue with 
Jaws reading the file, type, size, author, date created and description. It 
even does this when I press the start button. I have gone into Jaws Config 
Manager and selected Speech and sounds manager and tried to fix it from there. 
I have gone into Verbosity options to see if I could fix it from there. I have 
gone into just about every menu in Config Manager, but no go. I have also gone 
into View and Choose details and unchecked every box except name and that 
hasn't worked either. I have Jaws 10 with Windows XP home, 2003. Its not a huge 
deal but extremely annoying and I would really like to fix it. Whatever I did, 
I can't seem to undo it.


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