[access-uk] the booksense in the uk

  • From: John Gallagher <john@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • To: access-uk@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Thu, 24 Sep 2009 10:29:55 +0100

Hi list,
David is correct in what he said with regards to gwmicro.
it is the same with the braille sense plus hear in the uk. gwmicro are not responsible for this product in the uk it is the dealer who sells it in the uk that one should ring or get in touch with about the product. the booksense is the same. I acquired my booksense yesterday from Steve Nut who is getting them out as fast as he can. the booksense in the uk has different software than the uk model so in the uk you must remember if it is announced on the booksense list that an upgrade is out do not download it.
of course it will work but it will be the us software.
I had a chat with Steve who said he hopes to set up a uk list as regards the booksense but I am not sure about software updates.
will it be on the comproom site or r n i b?
as Carol said gwmicro are very good with support but again we must remember Steve has to run a business and cannot be expected to be on an email list all day answering messages. with the braillesense from hims I get my upgrades from the force ten website but with the braille sense you plug it in and it will automatically upgrade the software. there is never a uk announcements about the upgrade if you look it is there or it is not. with regards the booksense manual I am going to look on my cd that came with it and I hope the manual is different from the one I downloaded from the gwmicro site.
the booksense is very good indeed I have the xt version.
if I read a tnauk file you have to unzip it then change it to a txt from a doc file and it reads in the booksense. you can search for words so I search for the hash and it gets me to the next heading. well I must rush now to do a tuning so we need a uk email booksense list as the us list is no good for us as regards support.

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