[access-uk] Re: tesco again

  • From: "Derek Hornby" <derek.hornby_uk@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • To: <access-uk@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Wed, 11 Aug 2004 12:55:57 +0100

Hi  Janet
How's  cracker  feel free to mail mf ff list as  guide dogs  are off tonic

>Well I've gone back to Tesco because of the total disaster with Sainsbury's
>(in another email).  I find them to be reasonably good and haven't had any
>major disasters with them.

I've  always used Tescos,  the only thing I dislike (but can live with it)
  is the way  the goods arrive in lots of bags. I would  prefer they used
boxes  or even a  crate.

As for the  issue of access site, or main  site, i feel it's pointless
argumnet because everyone can choose which site they want to use.

Bit like  choose to travel  by bus, or the underground,  (in London) we
 our choices.


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