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the pickers are often low paid youngsters, probably school kids who want to
earn a few bob but don't either care, think or know about these issues.
Most, probably never do the shopping, mum and dad always do it for them.
They simply have to turn up at meal times and eat it, having first
complained about what was on offer.

further more, I sometimes get the impression that they can't or won't read,
because the notes we've added to items seem to go ignored. Well perhaps
that's a bit harsh, maybe they're just under pressure and they do have to
pick at least two orders simultaneously!

I know not all kids are like this but the  ones with more up top see the pay
and say that it's not for them. I guess if you pay peanuts, you get monkeys.

We once ordered a bottle of mouth wash and had it substituted with
steredent! apart from mouths what do the two have in common that would make
the steredent a good substitute? also this week we had some bananas that had
obviously been broken off a larger bunch, oops sorry bananas come in hands,
but on doing so they have split the skins. don't they know that if you want
to successfully break a number of bananas off a larger hand you should grip
and separate them at the top, not grip the bananas themselves because it's
easier to get hold of them.

Sorry, having a bad day today, took a bottle of milk, yes a new full one,
out of the fridge and half of it was solid ice and the other half went
everywhere when the bottom of the bottle fell out.. chuckle.

No! it didn't come from Tesco. smile.

Wally Harding
RNIB Hi-tech support

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Hello Barry I would be very interested in any article you can send me on
this,  I spoke to there customer service and they tell me as long as they
are sold  by midnight of the date  stated on the packet they are within
there right to sell it to you.  Ok I should of possible stated a longer date
but haven't any of there pickers got any common sense  or is this asking to
much of them.  I am really steaming over this one as this isn't the first
time this has happened to me.  If I have to I will start shopping some were
else were  they do take care of there customers.

Andrew Shipp

Located Northamptonshire

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I am also the Manager and Moderator of blind-gardening.

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