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TALKS&ZOOMS Version 3.52 - Release Notification
1. Introduction
We proudly announce the release of the Nuance Accessibility Suite - Nuance
TALKS and Nuance ZOOMS - Version 3.52 for Series 60 3rd Edition for April
2nd, 2008.
This is mostly a maintenance release for versions 3.50 and 3.51 that
improves stability and compatibility to some newer firmware versions,
especially in the field of audio and web browsing.
2. The new handsets
2.1. Changes to the list of supported phone models
No additional handsets are supported with this release, however
compatibility with the latest N95-8GB firmware (15.0.015) has been improved
to make sure that TALKS is automatically enabled when the phone is turned

Please note that we have not tested TALKS&ZOOMS on the Nokia N76, N77, and
N93/N93i, so we do not list these handsets as supported for this release.
One thing we know is that the N93/N93i do not work with ZOOMS, probably due
to video acceleration drivers.

3. What's New?
3.1. Audio improvements
The audio engine of TALKS has been modified to work consistently across all
phones, and to avoid resetting the audio device as much as possible. This
leads to performance improvements on some devices, like the Nokia E51 and
N81, and generally improves stability and compatibility with accessories
like Bluetooth headsets.

In particular, this prevents the crashes observed on some handsets when
using both speech and magnification at the same time, and also greatly
reduces the incidence of issues like the reboot observed on the Nokia E65
when using speed dials. It also removes the repetition of the last bit of
speech at the end of a sentence observed on phones like the 6110 or E51.

Depending on the exact circumstances, the modified audio behaviour may
either increase or reduce responsiveness slightly. In particular, when using
ETI Eloquence, it is recommended to update to the new version 6.1.117 which
noticeably reduces the "lag" experienced when pressing a key.

Please note that these changes do not yet allow TTS engines (other than the
Nokia TTS) to be used during a call, do not yet fix problems playing back
ringtone samples when personalizing a profile, and they keep the startup
melody from being played after entering a PIN code. However, muting TALKS
with [Talks],[Clear] to free up the audio device is still supported. These
situations will be addressed more comprehensively in a future update.
3.2. Modified cursor handling in Messaging
In previous versions of TALKS, it was already possible to switch between
different cursor modes, "Original", "Letters" and "Words", to control the
behaviour of the [Left] and [Right] cursor keys while reading a message.
However, the cursor [Up] and [Down] keys always moved the cursor
line-by-line in the message text. This conflicted with the "Auto Find"
function that highlights links, phone numbers and e-mail addresses in
received messages, and requires the use of [Up] and [Down] to browse through
the highlighted elements.

With this version of TALKS the behaviour of the "Original" mode (which is
the default) has been changed to free up the [Up] and [Down] keys for the
Auto Find function. You can still use [Talks],[long 2] to switch to
"Letters" or "Words" mode, which allow full navigation within a message,
while "Original" tries to interfere as little as possible with the way that
reading a message would work without TALKS being installed.
3.3. Improvements to Web browser
. Added workaround to allow editing of text and password fields on
E90, E51, N81, 6120 - please note that this currently means that T9 is not
available in Edit fields on these phones, and that passwords are always read
back, regardless of the "Echo passwords" setting
. Increased size limit for sentences in browser, to reduce occasional
cutting off of text
. Better support for some webpages using the <noframes> tag
. Quick keys [6] and [7] skip text consisting of only a single
character, e.g. vertical bar between links
. Cursor up/down maintain old function in browser if TALKS support
does not work (e.g. in local pages)
. Added Training Mode entries for keys with special functions in Web
and WAP browsers
3.4. Other changes
. Idle screen: Operator Info (e.g. "Home"), Search, Missed Calls
entries are recognized, as well as fixing some other cases where focused
line was not identified correctly
. Prevented screensaver from activating while TALKS is reading text
. Screensaver no longer speaks on N95-8GB when it is activated, and
produces fewer spurious announcements of "Training Mode"
. Added some icons for 3G status on N95-8GB
. TALKS is automatically muted in K-NFB Reader
. Fixed some missing files after restore from backup that prevent SMS
registration, viewing license agreement etc. and effectively required a
reinstallation of TALKS to make it work again
. Various stability and performance improvements
4. FAQ
Q: Your software does not install on my E-Series handset or branded device,
and reports a Certificate Error! Why?
A: While TALKS&ZOOMS for S60 3rd Edition itself is certified, and thus can
be installed on any supported S60 3rd Edition handset, the installers for
the TTS engines (Eloquence or RealSpeak Mobile) are not signed. E-Series
handsets and some branded devices do only accept the installation of signed
software, unless you turn of the corresponding option inside the Application
. Open the phone menu.
. Open the App. Manager inside the Tools folder
. Press "Options", then select "Settings".
. Set "Software Installation" from "Signed only" to "All".
. Press "Back" to close the Settings dialogue, then "Exit" to close
the App. Manager.
. Now, you can install the TTS engine.
Another reason could be that the date on your phone is not set correctly -
as 3rd Edition software is digitally signed, SIS files can only be installed
if the phone is set to a valid date.

Q: Why do I get an "Upgrade error" when installing the S60 3rd Edition
A: The most likely reasons are that you have used a beta release, or already
have the Nokia TTS driver available that was installed as a separate file
with version 3.10. Please remove any beta version, as well as the Nokia TTS
driver, before upgrading to TALKS 3.52.

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