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Same here.  i don't believe you need to go to Vodafone just because they 
provide Talks on the handsets - i for example have crap reception in Bromyard 
with them.  If you already own Talks, the best way is to just pay the £50 and 
transfer your license to the new phone - you can still use it on the old phone 
also.  I am not moving away from Orange even though they don't do Talks on 
their handsets.


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Hi Husna,
About four weeks ago, I migrated from Vodafone to Orange.  When I asked 
about Talks, no one seemed to know what I was talking about.  However, they 
were offering a Nokia 6630 free of charge as part of a contract so I said 
yes to that and, as a previous Talks user, paid the fifty quid for the 
correct version of Talks.  I'm very happy with this set-up and thought it a 
lot easier than trying to make Orange understand exactly what Talks was and 
whether they provided it with their phones.


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