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  • Date: Mon, 14 Jul 2014 13:11:23 +0100

Have you turned the volume up?  There is a higher beep when as maximum.
I have put on a different strap, a leather one, after a friend modified the


David W Wood 

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Hi folks, been using it over the weekend whilst out and about. Certainly
safer than bringing out your expensive device in the street, volume is no
better than the phone itself so in areas of traffic it was difficult to
hear. launching siri is still a bit hit and miss but did manage it a couple
of times to make a call. Biggest drawback I've found is that the spring
loaded fastening to the strap is very weak and the pin easily disengages
from its fastening from the speaker, might just be mine but it nearly fell
off my wrist twice. going to the jeweller later to see if I can either get a
stronger pin or new strap, guessing though the fitting is non-standard like
a watch strap. 

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