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Stretching the definition?
Its more than that. People who do that are personally and individually 
responsible for creating obstructions to access to information for blind 
people. They personally and individually allow publishers and others to throw 
up their hands and say: "there you go: what did we tell you."
If I knew of specific people doing this with my Library I'd remove their 
borrowing rights.

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  you can indeed buy some of RNIB's daisy audio books. about 350 titles are 
currently available.
  We are working on a way to make them all available for sale. We believe that 
blind people should have the same choice as sighted people - to buy or borrow.  
But if you borrow you shouldn't copy and keep! that is stretching the 
definition of "library" and "borrow".  
  You can browse daisy books for sale at: 

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