[access-uk] Re: system access V NVDA?

  • From: Michael A Ray <mike.ray@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
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  • Date: Thu, 28 Nov 2013 12:25:42 +0000


The command to find stuff on a web page is caps lock + control + F. Just control + F does nothing.

You will need the option to use caps lock as an NVDA key enabled in the options. If it isn't then the numpad zero does the same.


On 28/11/2013 11:49, Alistair wrote:
Hi vince, Sometimes I get a screen cluttered with what sounds like code especially on the net. Whilst I do think for a freeby it is amazing I do miss the jfw curser which sometimes allows access to buttons otherwise invisible! I also have never mastered the ctr F command to find items on a web page, it either ignores me or misses the word entirely! Don’t think it likes me! lol! Think I may re-install it and see how we go, updateing to windows 8.1 later today so no option but to use NVDA as I don’t think JFW 14 works with it! Thanks
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Alistair, there's no harm in using both. NVDA will still work even if your Internet connection goes down, which might be a consideration.

What frustrations do you have using NVDA?


    Message Received: Nov 28 2013, 08:13 AM
    From: "Alistair"
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    Subject: [access-uk] system access V NVDA?

    Hi folks just wondering if anyone uses or has tried both of the
    above products, particularly with windows 8.1? Can’t afford jfw 15
    so looking at alternitives! Obviously NVDA is free and SA is a
    good bit cheaper than JFW but just trying to make the right
    decision! I do use NVDA with windows 8 with varying degrees of
    success and frustration lol! SA any better?



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