[access-uk] Re: system access V NVDA?

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  • Date: Thu, 28 Nov 2013 14:04:42 +0000

hi. you may need to confirm that NVDA is saving your settings on exit, that option needs to be checked in general under preferences. then when you restart it should reactivate the character and word setting.



On 28/11/2013 14:02, Vincent Thacker wrote:

NVDA says "find" if you press Control F because text appears on screen also that says find. That is not the NVDA command. This is from the Commands Quick Reference on the NVDA Help menu.

NVDA+control+f Pops up a dialog in which you can type some text to find in the current document

Sorry, it wasn't just Insert F, which gives you the current formatting.

The NVDA key can be Insert or Caps Lock depending on how you've got it set.

Don't understand the typed letters / typed words problem. I keep both of these checked ecause both come in useful most of the time.


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    Subject: [access-uk] Re: system access V NVDA?

    Hi Vince thanks for this,control F is the find command on NVDA as
    when I type it in it  says find but doesn't! Insert F brings up a
    list of fonts! the other bug bear of mine is when I alter from
    characters to words in keyboard commands it doesn't work either!
    Despite ok'ing and saving. ah the joys!


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    Alistair, you may find that Windows 8.1 solves some of these
    problems. If not you might find it useful to remove Firefox bodily
    with something like Revo Uninstaller, and then do a clean
    installation of the latest Firefox.

    My system has been much better for getting Windows 8.1, which for
    once actually seems to be an upgrade.

    Word of warning, the 8.1 installation is a pretty long process. I
    left mine to sort itself out overnight.


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        Subject: [access-uk] Re: system access V NVDA?

        Hi Vince, useing IE 11 but can't seem to get the latest
        firefox to work properly with either screen reader, it starts
        then freezes and it is the latest build.  will have a look at
        all of the below, thank you! eyes duly coming at 4.30! Just
        hope I can make the transition!

        *From:* Vincent Thacker <mailto:vince@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>

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        Wonder what browser you're using? NVDA should work passably
        well with most of them, but it definitely has an affinity with

        Control and F sounds like a browser command, not a
        screen-reader command. Try Insert and F.

        The code-reading business - I get some URLs recited to me when
        there is some object or other that is not labelled.  If you
        have WebVisum installed, it might be worth using its labelling
        facilities to make these objects more transparent on pages you
        visit often.  Webvisum only works with Firefox, though.

        The nearest thing to the Jaws cursor is NVDA's object
        navigation functions. I'm not that great at using them myself,
        and it would make a very long email to explain it, but it's
        all in the NVDA User Guide.

        There is an OCR add-on for NVDA that in a small way can
        translate graphical buttons with text on into speech. It's
        well worth having this installed. More info here:-


        Hope that gives you some clues.

        Good luck with Windows 8.1. When the setup screen comes on,
        you won't be able to get any speech, so hope you can borrow a
        pair of eyes.


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            From: "Alistair"
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            Subject: [access-uk] Re: system access V NVDA?

            Hi vince, Sometimes I get a screen cluttered with what
            sounds like code especially on the net. Whilst I do think
            for a freeby it is amazing I do miss the jfw curser which
            sometimes allows access to buttons otherwise invisible! I
            also have never mastered the ctr F  command to find items
            on a web page, it either ignores me or misses the word
            entirely! Don't think it likes me! lol! Think I may
            re-install it and see how we go, updateing to windows 8.1
            later today so no option but to use NVDA as I don't think
            JFW 14 works with it! Thanks


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