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Ray, thanks for the helpful tips about Laptops. 

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  Billy, using your laptop for wireless internet fould well help run your 
laptop battery down quicker - one more device needing power.  I believe some 
people turn off the screen on a laptop to conserv battery life.

  To your second question, the Answer is 'yes'.  This came up on list very 
recently where many reported their laptop batteries were almost useless because 
of continuous use on the mains and the battery getting cooked through over 
charging.  Seemingly, few laptops have the 'intelligence' to know when enough 
is enough.

  By the by, this message is by way of a sort of test.  I'm still experiencing 
email problems with Plusnet and it'll be interesting to see how quickly this 
message reaches the list.

  From Ray 
  I can be contacted off-list at: 

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    hi guys, 
    surely this can't be true. 
    I have been told from people on other mailing lists, that if yu connect yur 
laptop wirelessly to the Internet, it will run down the Laptops battery, 
quicker than using a ethernet cable.
    Can this be really true?. 
    Also on the same list, the suggestion is that it is a bad Idea to run the 
Laptop VIA the power adaptor. 
    Finally, is it better to purchase an external Laptop keyboard?. 

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