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A laptop equipped with wireless capabilities in effect has a small radio 
transmitter that has a power of a few watts.  Like any peice of electronics 
this runs off power, it will therefore, if actually turned on, increase power 
consumption over and above the normal so you can guess the result on the 

Many rechargeable cells need regular charge discharge cycles, a battery that 
has power will loose this charge after a while and therefore if not used on 
mains or battery in between time will get trickle charged when the laptop is 
next used without having full discharged.  Power cycling without full discharge 
cycle can reduce battery performance, how much depends a bit on the type of 
battery design.  Ni-Cad batteries for example are quite notorious, Lthium Ion 
are better.  A bit of regular use off mains is helpful in this respect.


Tristram Llewellyn
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  hi guys, 
  surely this can't be true. 
  I have been told from people on other mailing lists, that if yu connect yur 
laptop wirelessly to the Internet, it will run down the Laptops battery, 
quicker than using a ethernet cable.
  Can this be really true?. 
  Also on the same list, the suggestion is that it is a bad Idea to run the 
Laptop VIA the power adaptor. 
  Finally, is it better to purchase an external Laptop keyboard?. 

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