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Anyone got the details for the VR Stream list, please?


Carol P

On 1/8/2018 2:43 PM, David Griffith wrote:

I am using the Trek and I think it is good but frankly a lwork in progress in relation to GPS with needs for improvement. Hopefully these will come in the firmware updates. Actually I think the biggest improvements in the Trek have so far come in the device as a Book Reader and Media Player.

There are quite a few impressions of the Trek from various people on the VR Stream Mailing List. Some think it is great , others are not so sure and others are frustrated.

In relation to the NavTrace One I do not personally know of any real world reviews though I would be very interested to hear of one. To be honest I am not discounting getting one as an alternative to the Trek to use either as a back up to each other. Personally ;I am not a fan of GPS on the iPhone for many reasons so I always want a backup GPS. The biggest bottom line for me with the NavTrace One would be whether they have taken the unfortunate volume crippling approach of so many devices nowadays or whether it is genuinely useful for someone who has hearing as well as sight impairment.

The problem is that it is a bit expensive to just give it a try so hopefully some reviews will come out!

David Griffith

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Hi all

I was about to buy the Victor Reader Trek GPS device, but now I find an

alternative called NavTrace One Stand-Alone GPS Navigation System.

Is anyone aware of feedback or reviews of either piece of equipment?

Best regards


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