[access-uk] Re: soundforge scripts ?

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Yes Damon, if the options are unticked, then the meters should be off.  I'd say 
512 of
memory should be okay.

What doesn't help you is that I'm not a JfW user so I don't know anything about 
the impact
of JFW and what it does on SF's performance.  Also, the copy of Sound Forge I 
have is on my
second audio computer, which isn't turned on just now.  A bit later on I'll 
take a look and
report on anything that could be of use to you, probably off list.

From Ray
I can be contacted off-list at:

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hi ray. I've got 500 and something memory.

Looking at the view menu, there are no ticks next to the meters or time
display or anything like that - so does that mean they're all off? They seem
to toggle on or off when you click on them.

Is there anywhere else I should be looking within SoundForge? Note I also
had the same problem with SoundForge 6.

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> Damon, at the outset I'll say I cannot be a whole lot of help with this
> one, if only because
> you appear to be running a Sound Forge a few versions old.  At first I
> wondered if it could
> be a soundcard driver issue from what you were describing, and just
> possibly it could be.
> Other things such as the state of your hard drive would come into play
> too, so defragging
> might not do any harm.  (You don't say anything that Ican recall about how
> much memory your
> machine has and processor speed, which might also help a more techysort
> help you out.)
> Obviously, the more you can free up emory with as few other applications
> eating resources
> while Sound Forge is running, the better your machine will handle SF.  I
> know that in my
> version, 7, Sony, as it is now, recommend turning off all strictly
> unnecessary visual
> things, such as the level meters and other on-screen displays.
> I can only suggest you might try contacting Brian Hartgen who is a long
> time user of SF and
> would certainly know about the issues you raise re. the Snowman's scripts.
> AS far as I am
> aware the Snowman has done his scripts as an entirely independent venture.
> So, why not try sending Brian an email via his site at:
> www.hartgen.org
> Sorry I cannot help further.
> From Ray
> I can be contacted off-list at:
> mailto:ray-48@xxxxxxxx
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> Hi.
> I've been looking online at the Snowman's scripts for SoundForge.
> I have jaws 5 on my computer. I'm aware it has some scripts for soundforge
> that came from freedom scientific. I'd like to know if they are the same
> ones that the snowman made? Did he make them for freedom scientific? Or
> are
> they better?
> I have real problems when running those freedom scientific scripts; it
> makes
> soundforge unusable and I end up having to reboot. It's ok for a while,
> but
> then windows error noises kick in and eventually jaws unloads itself. So
> I'm hoping the
> Snowman's scripts might cure this in time for my hellish weekend of
> editing.
> Also. I want to buy the soundforge scripts for soundforge 4.5 for jaws 5
> because I have some urgent editing work to do.
> How does it work? Will i get them immediately from the snowman in an
> automated way? Or will i have to wait a few days?
> thanks
> ...Damon

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