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Hi Andy,


You shouldn't have to use the JAWS cursor to get to the file selection box,
when it opens, just press Alt-Tab.  It always loses focus, so an Alt-Tab
will bring you in the selection box.


All the best





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Terry - I too have to use the JAWS cursor, but find it works ok, I just open
Sound Taxi, use the JAWS cursor to find the 'Select files' and left click
that, and then you get the usual file open...look in: etc, where you can
locate a folder, and select the files for conversion. That works for me,
anyway -



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Hi all


I can manage to use the programme reasonably okay, but it isn't very jfw
friendly.  e.g. when tabbing through folders to select songs, jfw isn't
reading the folder or song titles.  I have to keep doing insert and be to
read the screen.


Is there any settings I can change in sound taxi or jfw to make the
programme more accessible?


Are other people that are using the programme having to use the jaws curser
to do everything?


Any help appreciated.





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