[access-uk] Re: sound card problem

  • From: "Moti Azrad Musician & Piano-Tuner" <motiaz@xxxxxxxxx>
  • To: <access-uk@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Tue, 14 Jun 2005 04:07:54 +0200

Hi Kevin,

I have two sound cards in my pc.
When I installed the second one I had the same problem.
But, I solved it when I rebooted my pc I took out all the plugs of my internal 
sound card and then I could find my new hardware.
When I didn't do it, I couldn't find it.

Try it.


Moti Azrad
Musician & Piano-Tuner
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  Subject: [access-uk] sound card problem

  hi all, i've got 2 sound cards in this system. a SB live card for playing
  mp3's, streaming audio etc, and a turtle beach santa cruz card i use with
  jaws, because the SB live card causes eloquence to crackle like mad!! this
  morning everything was fine. then this afternoon, we installed a new power
  supply in this system because the old was was dying on me. all seemed fine
  afterwards, except now, the system will not recognise the santa cruz card at
  all! i've tried swapping PCI slots with a PCI/USB card i have and the system
  saw this card fine, but no matter which slot i put the santa cruz card in,
  the system will not see it! anyone got any ideas? i've tried everything i
  can think of, removing the card and it's drivers etc, reinstalling the lot,
  even did a system restore to yesterday to see if i'd done something, still
  no joy. i've tried putting the santa cruz card in my older windows 98
  machine and it picked it up as new hardware immediately. i'm at a complete
  kevin - co-owner/moderator of the blind gamers discussion list
  contact me on kream@xxxxxxxxxxxx

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