[access-uk] Re: sky channel numbers?

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  • Date: Tue, 9 Jun 2020 12:20:19 +0100

Hi Steve, all,

I wonder if anyone has since checked out the 0062/0063 numbers I gave out to here?

I do remember giving out those numbers a while back too and someone in the UK told me they worked just fine.

I don't imagine though that they would sort out the problem of old and new as mentioned here.

Tony in Dublin

On 09/06/2020 12:12, Steve Nutt wrote:

Hi Barry,

How did you get hold of the accessibility manager?

There is another problem with Sky, and that is they have, or seem to have, removed Never Miss.  This was a great feature, it used to Email you when programmes you chose had new series.

If you now go to http://www.sky.com/nevermiss, you get the following:-

Never miss out

There's an even better way to know when new series begin or return from a break, and when classic movies and box-office hits are on TV.

> On Sky Q, simply select Home and then TV Guide, and scroll up to New Series to find the shows recommended for you.

> On Sky+, select New Series from the Top Picks area.

This of course, is no use to us.  The Sky Go or Sky Q apps also don’t have New Series in Top Picks as the TV does.

If anyone knows how to find out what new series are on in a given week, do please tell.

All the best


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I’ve talked to Sky’s accessibility Manager about this.  She conveys her sincere apologies on behalf of Sky and assures me that she is tracking down who is responsible and will make sure that they put it right as soon as possible.



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hi guys I just want to point out that if you have a q box instead of the older boxes the 996 channel will work. if you have the older boxes it doesn’t work any more. I have been informed that they will change this but I wouldn’t hold your breath.  Janet

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for some strange reason, it is working on one of my boxes, but not the other one. strange!


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    It’s working here too.

    All the best


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    I have just checked and 996 is still working for me. John Wells.

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    hello all,

    since channel 996 is still not working, is there an easy way to
    get an up to date list of sky channel numbers, as sky seem to have
    messed about with a lot of them again, and it is proving next to
    impossible to find my usual channels with out the good old 996.


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