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  • Date: Wed, 25 Apr 2012 12:43:23 +0100

I have heard a rumor that they have taken all the add screens out of the latest 
version. being a window-eyes user myself however, I couldn't confirm it. 


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  If you use GW Connect and you're not a Window Eyes user then you'll get nag 
screens popping up asking you to buy Window Eyes.

  Your best bet would be to download the latest version of Skype then go to the 
following link and download the Skype Talking plugin.
  This add on will make Skype totally accessible for all screen readers and 
it's far far better than GW Connect.



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    From: Husna Begum 
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    where can you get an accessible version of skipe from and some easy to 
follow instructions on using it?

    thanks, Husna

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