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Yes, Argos are helpful in my experience.

One shop though, now departed from the UK High Street, Tandy, , once
refused to let me try on some headphones, arguing it was a hygiene
issue.  Sort of see their point, but I wasn't going to buy without

From Ray
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Of Peter Beasley

I went into Argus last week looking for a keyboard and they were more
willing to open the boxes and let me feel the keyboards.

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> Hi all,
> I'm not wanting to start any long debate here but am just seeking
> and perhaps clarity with regard to the DDA on items which are
packaged in
> shops and therefore are unfeelable before purchase.  I'm currently
> around for my case for the Nokia 6630 but, as this phone has been
> discontinued, many of the suitable covers are now no longer
available.  In
> an attempt to find something appropriate, I have realised that, in a
> of cases, these (like so many other goods) are well packaged and not
> readily feelable.  Yes, I could take something home and try it, and
> sure to get a receipt with an assurance that I could return the
> but I don't really want to do this.
> When a shop worker does not wish to take items from their packages,
> this really anything I should expect (as a "reasonable adjustment"
> the DDA) as a blind person?  I know headphones cannot be tried in
> but I like at least to feel them, nevertheless!
> Has anyone felt strongly enough to insist the packaging is removed
> inspection?
> Thanks for any comments.
> --
> Carol
> carol.pearson@xxxxxxxxxxxx

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