[access-uk] Re: setting up automatic defragmentation in disk keeper was Re: Re: computer housekeeping

  • From: Douglas Harrison <harrison1d@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • To: access-uk@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Fri, 10 Aug 2007 11:59:14 +0100

I have now defragmented all my partitions - Hal works reasonably well in the 
except for a few unnecessary "Disabled" announcements.

I was about to set up the automatic process but on reading this message I 
wonder whether it 
would be advantageous to run the Boot time defrag before I do so.    General 
is now much better but loading Windows and the software loaded at start up  is 
still very 

s  On 10 Aug 2007 at 9:45, Steve Nutt wrote:  

> Hi Wendy,
> I will say that I can use Diskeeper with JAWS loaded here, I deliberately
> tried it, so it must be something about your disk or machine perhaps.
> Please try this though, it might help.  It may be worth having a pair of
> eyes around when you try this.
> 1.  Go into Diskeeper if you still have it installed.
> 2.  Tab once to the drive list.
> 3.  Select Drive C and then either the context or applications key, or
> shift F10.
> 4.  Down arrow to Boot Time defragmentation and hit enter.
> 5.  Check the box that says defragment at boot time, this will be
> disabled.
> 6.  Tab over and check that the radio button says Manually defrag the next
> time I start the computer.
> 7.  Check the box that says Defragment paging file.
> 8.  Check the box that says Run chkdsk before defrag.  It will give you a
> warning, and say are you sure?  Say Yes.
> 9.  Finally, tab to apply and press enter or space.
> Now reboot your computer.  It will take quite a long time to reboot, but
> what it will do is to defragment the swap file, and all the files that
> Windows can't normally defrag because Windows locks those files.  It will
> take quite a while to restart, but don't worry about this, it is normal.
> Finally, boot time defrag will be disabled again after you do this, until
> you go through these steps again, because you don't want it doing that
> every time it boots, because of the time it takes.  But doing it once a
> month or so doesn't hurt I have discovered.
> Once it has restarted, just let it defrag automatically.
> It may now work with JAWS, but no guarantees on this.
> I hope it helps though.
> All the best


Douglas Harrison

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