[access-uk] Re: sainsburys have become non accessible for booking delivery slots as of today

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  • Date: Wed, 11 Aug 2004 20:20:18 +0100

Hi.  Well, at least this isn't Tesco - again!  I like Sainsbrys, but what
gives here?

I recall an incident some years back now when we'd finally got Microsoft to
wake up and take notice, and then they went and broke the access in IE4!
What is it with these companies?  Do they never include accessability in
their development cycles?  Whoever the company is that does Sainsburys
website, presumably its not done 'in-house - just hasn't got it together.


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From: "Léonie Watson" <lw@xxxxxxxxxxx>


    Count me in! *Grin.

    To claim that amending the site would be too expensive is, frankly, a
pathetic defense. Sainsbury's are a FTSE 100 company, so I don't believe
they simply can't afford it. If they'd bothered to get it right the first
time around, then the expense wouldn't be facing them.

    In 2000, a chap called Maguire took the Sydney Olympics Committee to
court, under the Australian Disability Discrimination Act. In their defence,
the SOC said that they couldn't afford to make the changes required of them.
Consequently, they were fined something in the region of $20,00. It's worth
pointing out this to Sainsbury's if you get the opportunity.

    The whole thing is more ridiculous in light of the fact that Sainsbury's
have already been around the mulberry bush once, having resolved issues with
the delivery process at the end of last year! It's one thing making a
mistake in the first place, but to make it again is simply ridiculous.

    Actually, I'm that irritated that I'm going to write to their head
office, as soon as I can track down the name of the company chairman or
similar honcho.


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From: "andrew shipp" <andrew-shipp4@xxxxxxxxxxxx>

> Hello Tink,  I have just spoken to Sainsburys customer care,  and was
> that the site cannot be changed as it cost to much money to have it done.
> So I said  so what about the  law about making websites more accessible
> the disabled about then haven't you read this?  and I got  no response
> them at all.
> Yesterday was the first time that I have ever ordered from Sainsburys and
> this is what they are going to be like I think I shall enjoy,  as I will
> fight for the rights of the
> disabled especially us the blind.
> Regards
> Andrew Shipp
> Located Northamptonshire
> Home phone 01604-517007,
> Mobile )07773457805,
> Email andrew-shipp4@xxxxxxxxxxxx
> I am also the Manager and Moderator of blind-gardening.
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> From: "Léonie Watson" <lw@xxxxxxxxxxx>
> > Pete,
> >
> >     I've just tried to book a slot, using Jaws. I noticed that the table
> > containing the delivery slot links was 7 columns by 6 rows. I took an
> > educated guess that the colums represented the days of the week and that
> the
> > rows represented the delivery times.
> >     Working on this idea, I selected what I thought was a Thursday
> lunchtime
> > delivery slot. I couldn't apparently see any confirmation of this time
> given
> > on the following page, although the fact that a delivery slot had been
> > booked was given.
> >
> >     I've just called Sainsburys and spoken to one of their technical
> > He wasn't overly bright or concerned, but did offer to convey my
> > to the web development team.
> >
> >     He did give me something of a work around though. If you click on
> > Trolley link, all the delivery information is available there, which I
> > confirm. This isn't ideal, but it's workable at a pinch.
> >
> >     I've also mailed them and if I can figure out who the development
> > company are, I don't think they're in-house, I'll mail them too.
> >     In the meantime, I'd urge anyone who's got 5 minutes to give them a
> call
> > and make the case. Brute force of public feedback is the only thing
> > to turn this particular tide. The customer care line is: 0845 301 2020.
> >
> > Cheers,
> > Tink.
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> > From: "PETE gurney" <pete@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
> >
> > > hello all,
> > >
> > > as the subject line says, people using screen readers can no longer
> > > successfully book a delivery slot on the sainsbury website as of
> > > their delivery page used to be non accessible to us last year, and i
> spent
> > > some time talking with their technical department showing them what
> > > wrong with the page and pointing out that it was possible to book a
> > by
> > > searching for a numeric string which was part of a long string that
> > > represented the available slots but wasn't obvious and probably
> > be
> > > realised by most people.
> > > thankfully they changed their links so that each link was spoken as a
> day,
> > > date and time which made it very simple to find the delivery slot you
> > > require.
> > > but they have changed their site again yesterday evening, and now the
> > > delivery selection page is even worse than it was last year.
> > > every link that represents a delivery slot is just labelled
> > > i don't know if its the same with jaws, but with windoweyes there are
> > lines
> > > on the page that have the delivery slot details such as the day date
> > > time, but they are all grouped together one line under the other and
> then
> > > in the bottom half of the page there are all the links that are
> > > booktime.
> > > i've already spoken to sainsburys about this, but the technical chap i
> > > spoke too didn't seem to really understand the problem, he said that
> i
> > > click on the booktime link it will then tell me what delivery slot i
> have
> > > booked.
> > > i think he eventually got the idea after i pointed out that you need
> > > know what slot you are going to book before you click on one of the
> > > booktime links as there are probably 2 or 3 dozen links on the page
> called
> > > booktime and you could go round in circals            and eventually
> > finish
> > > up like the ooslem bird.
> > > i'd be interested to know if any sainsbury users have better luck with
> > this
> > > page with jaws, but if not perhaps others can report the problem to
> > > sainsburys as the more of us report the problem the more likely they
> > to
> > > do something about it.
> > > in the mean time i'll be using tesco all the time.
> > >
> > > pete.

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