[access-uk] Re: routers that take external antennas?

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Take a look at the TP-Link range. The range of routers that have D at the end have detachable antennas, so for example the TDW-841N antennas are fixed, but the TDW-841ND antennas can be detached and upgraded. Bare in mind that your router may have to have adequate transmit power in some cases to fully take advantage of a higher gain antenna. Your antenna must also support the band that your router output is going to be using, so the 2.4GHZ band or 5GHZ band etc.

On 28/02/2017 09:31, George Bell wrote:

Have you tried asking the people who make them what routers they are design for?


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yes, that would be the idea. like I said, I can find plenty of antennas, but just need a router that actually takes them, rather than having internal ones, or external but fixed ones of it's own.


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    are we talking something to improve your wi fi signal here? if so
    and you find one please let me know



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        hello all,

        I wondered if anyone knows of any routers that take external

        I am sure they must be about somewhere, as I have found a
        number of high gain external wifi antennas available, and
        there would seem little point in making such antennas, if no
        routers take them, but can't seem to track down any routers
        that take external antennas. if possible, the router should
        also contain the adsl or infinity modem, so that I can
        completely replace the joke called a bt hub, but that is only
        desirable, rather than a priority.


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