[access-uk] Re: retrieving deleted files

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  • Date: Thu, 5 Jan 2012 17:11:23 -0000

Hi Jeff,
You will need an undelete programme to do this successfully and I am afraid
none of them are free. I recently tried 3 different programmes to see if
JAWS was accessible with them. The one I found, and eventually purchased,
was called File Saver and it is really good and as accessible as it can get
with these type of programme. It cost around £16 including VAT etc and once
paid for and downloaded, is usable straight away. Best thing of all is that
it uses an interface similar to Windows Explorer. Check it out at


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I have accidentally deleted a bunch of files from my laptop.
Deleted from even the recycle bin.
They have no backup and I am an idiot.
That said, I remember being told that nothing is every ever really deleted.
Is there a program that can find deleted files?
I am using XP and Jaws 12.
Jeff, definitely not a smiley face.

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