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Hi Andy,
There was a bit of talk a few weeks ago about Media Centre. Media Centre
Edition operating systems will record TV either from cable   or antennae.


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Hi all -
On this subject of recording programmes [and not just audio described ones]
my VCR has just packed up, so I need to decide which route to go for
recording from TV.
Here in Devon, I can't have cable, and we don't get channel 5 [just to
demonstrate our situation], so I'm wondering what others might recommend as
the way to go, that would give me free view--I don't want to subscribe to
Sky, just don't have the time for all that viewing, but like some of the
free channels, but don't know if a free view box will run off a standard
analogue Arial, or if any of the freeview boxes have a recording facility,
or quite what my choices are for where I live. Devon is part of the first
region to be switching to digital in 2008, and having recent lee bought a
new TV, I don't want to have to splash out again as soon as 2008 for a
digital set!
All thoughts and suggestions most welcome.

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        Subject: [access-uk] recording audio described movies

        I have the Nebula usb tv receiver which records with audio
description. I am running the latest version of the software and
unfortunately have managed to only record the second parts of two movies on
itv tonight and last Wednesday. Has anyone recorded the first parts of the
bBourne Identity and Star Wars the second episode last week. If so would you
be able to send it to me with www.yousendit.com
        Thanks in advance

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