[access-uk] Re: reassigning keys on the NC10

  • From: "Ibrahim Gucukoglu" <ibrahim_gucukoglu@xxxxxxxx>
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  • Date: Sat, 10 Jan 2009 11:44:05 -0000


I don't think you can reassign function keys like that; there are hotkeys you 
can assign using the magic keyboard application, but since I haven't tried it I 
wouldn't know.

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  HI there. 

  I'm wanting to reassign the pageup and pagedown keys on the NC10. I'd rather 
that they were home and end with pageup and pagedown accessed via the function 
keys. So, basically, the other way round to what it is at the moment. 

  Any thoughts on how this is done?

  For those interested, because the NC10 is such a small machine, it has a 
smaller keyboard with less keys on it. To access home and end, currentlly you 
have to use the NC10's function key with pageup and pagedown respectively. So 
when it comes to moving to the beginning of a page I find myself doing mental 
somersaults regarding control shift function pageup. I think it'd be much 
easier, for my usage at least, if the pgup pgdown  keys wered the ones in 
background via the function button. 

  Thanks all. (just had to do a control function pageup to get back to the 
beginning of a line so I could then select and delete. It's a real brain tester.


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