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Umm, interesting.  So is JM still allowed to indulge such things,
having so comprhensively sold what might pass as his 'sole'?

Well, given one comment he made on the PC audio list, then maybe the
emphasis is on GSM phones, rather than the US splendid isolationist
system.  Still, I wonder no one has started a Uk, or Europe focused
mobile list, given how much people are spending on phones and using


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Steve Nutt
Subject: [access-uk] Re: re owasys

Hi Ray,

There is indeed.  It is the blindphones list, I believe it can be
to by going to http://www.mosenexplosion.com.

All the best


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Must say I do feel some sympathy for where I think Denis is coming
here.  Though not needing to go the Oasis mobile route myself, I know
bloke I meet up with ocasionally who's pretty well total and gets on
with the Oasis, but he's simply not into technology in a big way, but
wants it to make phone calls.He's reported no trouble with it so far.

Just two things would make it a better choice than it is.  A screen,
and a
lowering of the price.

Must say though that mobiles which have after all morphed into
more akin to a personal assistant, have left me rather cold
and uninthusiastic.    Sometimes I wonder if there is a list devoted
to them and their accessability as they sure do take up a lot of space


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Denis Tocher
Subject: [access-uk] Re: re owasys

Hello Brian,

I chose the Owa-sys phone because I did not want an all singing and
mobile phone.

The phone is essentially only useful for calls and text messaging.  It
some fancy features like ringing tones plus the essential date/time
phone book features.  It is a robust and reliable mobile.

I use a Vodafone Pay-as-you-go tarriff and find buying voice packs at
for 200 mins the best value.  Also, from time-to-time, I top up the
credit for texts etc and £25 worth goes a long way in my case.



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brian parker
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Subject: [access-uk] re owasys

Hi list, is anyone out there using the owasys mobile phone that the
sponsors. if so, what do you think of it. brian.

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