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I'd like to thank Daran for pointing us to Mike Lang's review of the Olypus 
DS50 which I've
just listened to.  Michael Lang  is a good example of what descriptive reviews 
aught to be,
even if his opening and slamming the window shut to test the auto-record 
mechanism gets a
bit trying.  Suppose from a purists standpoint auto only is a minus point, but 
then the
DS50, ,despite this, is a definite step forward in the direction of 
accessability in a
mainstream product.

Wonder if anyone has bought one here yet?  Lowest price I've seen on the net is 
£230.00.  Nice too to hear of anyone using it as an MP3 player.

From Ray
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Terry, here's a link from a chap called Michael Lang, who's put together a
little piece on the recorder. I'll just paste his message below.


I created a little review of this new talking recorder from Olympus. I also
uploaded some demo recordings, which I made on this new machine. You can
listen to all of that at


If you don't want to download the files, but your browser wants you to, just
copy the addresses into the clipboard and paste them into the open box of a
player like Winamp, Winamp can then stream the MP3 and the WMA files.

Michael Lang ***>

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