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Well, I hear the HTML that Front Page churns out isn't as bad as Word

If your son does want to go the more techy route he could do worse
than look at a link which, I think, was posted here:




From Ray
I can be contacted off-list at:

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Hi Alan,

If your son can use something like Word for Windows, and
understands the basics of files and folders, then he should
find getting a web site up and running is a doddle with
something like Microsoft Front Page.

Having had some seriously nasty quotes from so called
professionals, that's exactly what I did.  Take a look at
http://www.techno-vision.co.uk.  It's not brilliant, but it
needs to be accessible, simple, and not have me spending
hours pouring over HTML code.

The "professionals" here will doubtless say that FrontPage's
HTML is rubbish and all sorts, but who sees that anyway - it
works, doesn't it?


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Hi List members,my Son has asked me to inquire through my
list memberships about alternatives ways re setting up a
Business Web Site, that is the Economics and the
practicality of building one from available downloadable
Software,as compared to getting it contracted out ,If anyone
has any imformation such as Sites to visit,or personal
experiences with building a Site,or any other imfo, they
could share with us,it would be much appreciatedThank you in
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