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You need to plug in your Olympus, go to Device Manager in Control Panel, go
to Universal Serial Controllers, expand that, look for Composite Device.
Then hit delete on it. When asked are you sure you want to uninstall, hit
OK. Now unplug the device, restart the machine and it should work.

Good luck.

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I have one of these and trying to use it on my win8.1 machine find my PC
doesn’t know its plugged in. The device says ‘PC connection’ but my 8.1 PC
doesn’t know its plugged in. On my previous XP Pro machine it just saw it as
another drive.

I fell for the Olympus line that I needed a ‘special’ USB lead (I was very
dubious) and splashed out (wasted) £10 on that, with no difference.

Tried ringing RNIB from whom I purchased it and they don’t have any idea.
Olympus themselves just suggested buying the aforementioned mini USB lead.

Any ideas please folks?

Thanks, PJ

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