[access-uk] Re: query for those listers who are customers of Wiltshire Farm Foods

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Hi.  I have a somewhat vested interest in chipping in on this thread.

A quick Google suggests the max number of trakcs on a conventional audio CD
is 99.  That gives quite a scope for dividing stuff up usefully, but of
course DAISY would be much better.

The small business venture I'm pursuing with a colleague issues almost
everything on CD now unless we're asked for tape.  For what its worth I am
of the opinion that multimedia CDs are one way to go, although I believe
that altimately, DAISY can be multimedia too, not that I've heard of or much
less come across DAISY cds that are anything other than audio, but I belive
the potential is there in the DAISY spec.

Let me ad too that I don't personally see Braille as much of a contender in
the veritable rainbow of formats that people demand.  I think for the most
part it'll be used by those lucky enough to have refreshable Braille
displays.  With that I'l make a rapid exit before the Braille rights
movement gets me.

From Ray
I can be contacted off-list at:

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Point taken, but surely it is much easier to brouse a website than to try to
find what you want from a cd which will certainly not be a daisy cd.

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> Hi Peter,
> I take your point regarding the website, but partly because their website
> is, in my view, a bit long winded to look at and partly for the grater
> good of those visually impaired people who may unlike ourselves, not have
> access to the web, I was just interested to know if the information on the
> website was exactly the same as that on the CD.
> If you don't mind me asking, what is wrong with wanting companies who want
> visually impaired customers,  to produce their brochures in more than one
> accessible format i.e, either online and Braille, or online and CD?
> Alexander Shannon

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