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  • Date: Mon, 23 Jul 2007 11:46:36 +0100

HI George,
    A concession has just been announced that Freeview, satellite and cable 
boxes used without TV sets do not need a TV license, so some at least must have 
an audio output.  My cable box certainly does and I think my old Net Gem did.

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  Hi Joe,

  Do you mean "Freeview" (with an F)?

  If so, you are rather limited in terms of digital stations, plus it needs to 
go through your TV.


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  Hi all can I use a preview  box on it's own.  I have the Ariel so can I just 
plug it in or does it need an amp or video.  My dab radio has just died on me 
and i am considering my options..  I've looked at the stuff from cobalt in 
terms of radios and tried the nib but can not get through yet as they maybe 
having water problems or what ever.  so can I use the preview box on it's own. 
i havn't bought one yet.
  sincerely Joe.

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