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Easiest of them all is simply buy a USB pen which already has encryptian 
software built in.  I bought a 2 gig pen from PC World last year and I think it 
had something like disk lock pro on it.  The software particians the pen into 2 
drives, one open drive which has the security software on it and another data 
section which you can only open bia using the software on the open partician 
and entering the password.  You can assign the ratio of partician so that your 
data section is the majority of the pen.  A nice touch is that if someone gets 
the pen and tries to access the data section, the program will automatically 
reformat the drive if the incorrect password is tried more than 5 times.  I 
think the pen was about £20 or so.

Just look around, you'll find a lot of pens have this protection software.


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  Hi Ali,

  1 Solution might be a small encryption  utility called "cryptainer, it is 
free and will allow you to password up to 25mb either on pc or USB  device. You 
can have a look on:


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    is it possible to password USB memory stick so no one can access the data 
on it?  Surely there must be a small utility that can be saved on individual 
sticks to do this.  Does anyone know such a utility?
    Thank you


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