[access-uk] Re: original Victor reader classic current firmware version

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  • Date: Mon, 13 Jun 2005 21:54:46 +0100

Thanks Andrew,

Had no idea what model/make I had other than the old victor reader with the 
wheels as opposed to the buttons.

When you and James metion RNIB prompts,  I take it relates to the British 
English voice saying "welcome to victor reader classic" etc.  

If I remember currectly, over two years ago, a lot of people downloaded 
installed the American version, wiping out the English prompts, as they 
prefered the The US prompts. 

I would have said, in that case, weather anyone installs, US, German, French, 
Italian versions, that is guaranteed to give you a new welcome message and, any 
others as well.

all the best,

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  No - the whole of the prompts are overwritten, so the RNIB prompts are lost.  
These can be re-obtained, but only on 2.2.4 of the firmware as available from 
the Visuaide site using the British English option.  The second generation of 
players (with the buttons and not the wheel) has a slightly later revision with 
the british voice, but the firmwares don't do a lot different.  From version 3 
all the models have the same version number, but it still is important to 
download the one for the VRC100/101.


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  Thanks for this justin

  Doesn't doing the update from the web mess up the voice prompts, as you will 
get the voice that visuaid uses for the new prompts and the RNIB voice for the 
old ones?


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