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That's what I might have thought, Steve, except that
visually the legend appeared to have a longer word on it
than simply "Home".  Unfortunately the picture just wasn't
clear enough.





Hi George,


Function with left arrow is probably Home, since it is the
opposite of End.  It is home on my laptop anyway.


All the best





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Hi Saqib,


Assuming it came with a manual, you'll have to study it.
I've downloaded a picture, and here's what it appears.


Font left is a Function key.  Right hand side you have the
arrow keys.


Hold down the Function key, and press Up Arrow for Page Up
,and down arrow for Page Down.  Right arrow is End.  I can't
make out from the picture what the left arrow keys is for.


Suggest you het together with a sighted friend to got
through the keys with you which have a blue legend on them
as well as a white one.  These are the keys which can also
be used with the Function Key.



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