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Ali, I don't think these netbooks are powerful enough to run on Vista. But
the Intel Atom is sufficient enough to handle your screen reader. I was on
the Dell site last week and saw that they have a Mini with a slightly more
powerful processer than the usual Atom 1.60GHz.
BTW, did you get my message about the Acapela voices that I sent two weeks
ago? You can reply off list...


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Hi folks,
Have seen some list traffic on this subject before but as I had no interest
I didn't pay much attention. I have however been looking at them recently
but am slightly confused by a couple of things.  (if truth be told more than
a couple LOL) Most seem to have XP as their OP,I thought it would be at
least vista home basic or premium. I also note they use a intell atom
processor, are they ok and what speed is ok. Been looking at 2 in
particular, Acer aspire 1D250 and the samsung N130, both for around £30 for
3gb of network access per-month.  does anyone have a personal
recommendation or know of a better deal?
Best wishes 

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