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  • Date: Mon, 8 Dec 2008 17:27:07 +0200

Hello Joe and welcome to the list. Unfortunately I don't have Nano myself, but 
hope the following info is helpful.

Yes, they have speech.
It speaks menus, genres, playlists, Artist and song names and titles, pretty 
much everything you wish to know.
As soon as you plug it into the MP3 port, ITunes will activate the voice 
feature, thus, no sighted help is needed.

You can read more info on

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  hello all

  I have just joined this list so first of all to say hello, my name is Joe I 
am a blind man of 32 and live in Cornwall England.
  no for my first problem and hopefully some one will be able to help me!!!
  I have just brought my self a ipod nano which says it should talk to me but I 
have tried every thing I can think of but it still wont talk i have put on the 
soft ware but the tick box to enable the speech wont tick.

  well if any one can help I would be very grateful Joe

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