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  • Date: Fri, 14 Nov 2008 16:10:47 -0000

No it doesn't delete anything off the phone just puts all of the settings back 
to the factory settings.

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    I have had my sim card in my N73 whhilst waiting for my replacement phone 
from 02.  If I set my phone back to the factory default will that not delete 

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    I know in situations like this it 0nly adds to the frustration for people 
to keep writing saying they have the phone but don't ahve the problem.
    However taht is my experience. I use Text Messaging very frequenly and all 
aspects work for me.
    My thaughts are though that the inability to forward soun ds more like a 
network issue than something to do with the phone.
    For example I know people who have had trouble sending MM messages, however 
this has been down to either settings specific to the network or network 
    To iliminate as far as possible the phone you could try reverting it back 
to its factory settings and see if that solves the problem.
    Also you could try your cim card in another model and see if the problem 
still occurs.

    Finally as Tris says it would also help to diagnsoe the problem if an error 
occured when you hit send.

    Hope all this is marginally useful.

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      There are quite a few N82s in circulation now with users (including those 
we sell to) and as far as I know message forwarding is not a specific issue 
with that model of phone,  It may help to know if there is an error message 
that apperas or at what point things are going wrong.

      I don't have a Nokia N82 to hand but I have been using successive 
versions of series 60 3rd edition on the Nokia N95 (as used on the Nokia N82 
with only minor tweaks) and there is no problem that I know of.


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      I have had about 4 n82s which have all failed.   I wondered if by any 
chance anyone else had had problems or if ive just been unlucky. The first few 
phones wouldnt send text messages now the latest replacement wont forward a 


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