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Yes indeed, Olympus DM50 would be an alternative, and it does have a
built-in speaker for monitoring purposes.  Still, Phil did mention MP3
recording in his original message, and the Olympus is WMA only.  Not
that I see that as an absolute no no, as you can soon load the files
into Goldwave, Sound Forge, or wahtever, and do a good conversion.

Not sure by the way, but maybe the Olympus is mono as opposed to the
stereo of the R09 - but then for recording readings as Phil is wanting
to do, stereo isn't necessary.

I would have suggested the Mile Stone too but I believe it only
records in .wav format.


From Ray
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>Hello Phil,

A friend has just bought an olympus dm50 I think the model number
is.  He was guided to this decision by a colleague of his in the
states, who is thrilled with his unit.  I reckon it would be a
considerable amount less expensive than the edirol r09, and should do
what you want.  Obviously if the highest fidelity is important to
you, then the r09 is worth considering, that is, if you can live with
the noisy mic pre-amps in the unit.  I prefer the r1, but let it go
and replaced it with the r09 when the need became urgent.  But I wish
I could get an r1 instead.  although the internal mics are a little
enclosed in there recordings, the pre-amps are quieter, and my
comparrison recordings show that the r1 had a better low-end
frequency response which I would benefit from as I record lots of
live rock and jazz music on the fly, and can't e q the source with
either of these recorders.

good luck


>   Hi All,
>Been off list for quite a while now so lost touch a bit with what's
>happening, good to be back and see the list is as active as ever!
>After some suggestions for a hardware mp3 player / recorder that I
>can use to give to my personal reader to record audio onto and then
>for me to quickly
>& easily dump onto my hard drive for storage & playing back on my
>bookcourier / pc.  It doesn't necessarily have to be fully
>accessible for me as it will
>be used by a sighted person but it must be easily syncable with my
>pcc and be able to record up to record / store up to 5 hrs worth of
>mp3 at a time.
>I already have a plexter ptr2 which is great but I don't want to
>give this to my reader to take away and leave me without the rest of
>the time.
>I do have an old Olympus dm1 recorder but I've never found it easy
>to sync and get files off and if my memory servies me right (which
>is no guarantee!)
>it tends to default to recording in WAV format.
>Anyway your suggestions greatly appreciated.

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