[access-uk] Re: moving and arranging files in ITunes

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  • Date: Sun, 26 Jun 2011 11:05:40 +0100

Hi Martin - Hopefully Iain's suggestion will have helped you out. What you're 
experiencing can happen when the ID tag info for the tracks on a CD is 
inconsistent, so for instance, the tag that displays the artist name, might 
change if on a track there is a guest appearance by somebody, so instead of the 
tag reading: artist name, it might say: duet with ... this would cause Itunes 
to put the file in a different place, if it sorts by artist say.


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  Hello everyone

  Does anyone know how I can rearrange and move files around in my ITunes 
library?  For example, I imported a cd yesterday and it imported the  tracks as 
expected, but one or two of the tracks are separate from the main track list in 
the ITunes folder.  I have tried to coppy and paste and cut and paste and 
select the songs, but nothing I try seems to happen and when I find the coppy 
and paste and cut and paste in the menu, it says it is unavailable.  I am using 
Windows 7 with the latest build of Jfw 12.

  All the best


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