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Is that not straying from the point on the access-uk list?
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  and for those who can read print some food labels read like a hotchpotch of 
gobbledegook unless you happen to have a degree in chemistry. take the so 
called E number system. that is ambiguous to say the leasts in some cases.

  On 08/06/2014 13:22, Hazel Darvell wrote:

    How about this to add to the braille on packaging. 
    I heard some time ago on a radio programme that food companies were going 
to put on their package a label that gradually changes colour over time. 
    When it hits the red it's time to throw it away. 
    All very well for those who can see this. 
    Even colour blind folks as well as us will be left in the dark, no pun 
    So all in all we are getting further and further behind in information on 
food packaging. 
    Think I will stick to my tried and trusted nose. 
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