[access-uk] Re: looking for a program that will diagnose problems on the computer and fix them

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  • Date: Sun, 13 Nov 2005 13:44:30 -0000

dHi Kevin.  I think Alistaire has given some careful advice here which will not 
involve spending any money.  The cleanup utilities provided with Windows are 
only basic though.

It might be that a paid for solution to your problem might include System 


They have just released version 6 of this software, and there is a free 
evaluation version too.

Again, there is Checkit diagnostic utilities,

this can be bought from the above site, and it is bundled with the Norton 
Premier edition of its System Works, I believe, but Norton's support leaves 
much to be desired and I do not think there is any need to burden yourself with 
the whole Norton works!

I'm estounded by how many people seem to resort to reformatting their systems.  
Since I've been using XP - for the last two years - I've never done this.  I 
did it once in the five years I ran Windows 98 SE.  Regular maintenance and 
backup is the real solution.  And don't forget it could well be the software 
you mention that is buggy.  You can compare notes with other users running it 
in a similar setup to your own to try and determine whether it is a software 
specifiic bug or maybe an unfortunate interaction with other software.


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----- Original Message ----- 
From: "allykelly" 

| Hi Kevin,
| No expert here depending on what operating system you use you could try
| going to :
| 1. click on my computer
| 2. place the curser over the name of your main drive click the file button
| and press enter on the properties option.
| 3. This will provide a couple of options in the tools menu, you can either
| search and clean the volume of errors or defrag the drive  worth a try!
| 4. Alternatively you could also download a registry  cleaner from:
| http://www.jfwlite.com/programs.html
| This may also clean up your registry.
| 5. you may be able to restore your pc to an earlier time when it was 
| functioning properly, however be careful that the date is not too far back 
| as this may also remove windows updates and the like for the intervening 
| period.
| Alistair
| ----- Original Message ----- 
| From: "Kevin Cussick" 

| > Hi all,
| >
| > I was talking with a mate of mine the other night I have been having a
| > few problems with my computer when using text aloud and text to audio.
| >
| > I have had both programs on the system for along time and not had any
| > problems I admit I am bad at trying lots of different tts programs I
| > have tried ultra Hal and other programs any way the problem is when I
| > use a program that converts text to audio the system is crashing I
| > think the system is in a bit of a mess and I just wondered if any one
| > knows of a tool that will look at all the system files and stuff on
| > the computer if their is any problems then it would fix it I have
| > heard their are such programs available but I have not tried still a
| > bit green with computers I might have to reformat I have tried all
| > other options except this last one all the best.
| >
| > Kevin Cussick
| >
| > e-mail mm0tmg@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

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