[access-uk] Re: looking for a new mobile phone with keypad

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Hi Adrian.
You can still buy LG wine handsets online from the likes of ebay, or steve nutt sells the kapsys smart vision for around the £500 mark.

On 01/07/2017 17:41, Adrien Collins wrote:


I have just spilt orange juice on and probably in my lg wine mobile phone, I will probably have to replace it, I need to find a phone that has a keypad, do you have any suggestions please? I don't want an iphone. I prefer android.



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Hi all.

I have purchased a text book from the American Braille Press, telling me how to use my Iphone.

Normally, I'd read the whole book or document, using Winamp and Total Recorder, then later, shop up the sections, using Goldwave.

The thing is, when listening to rather lengthy pieces of text, spoken by Elequence, I start feeling of self harming!

It would be nice to do all of the above, but end up with a nice reading/listening voice.

I'm using JAWS 17 and within voices, I have Elequence, Sappy 5 and Sappy 6 and that's all.

Can anyone please tell me how to get a nice voice, like Reid, which I've already heard on a friends computer.

Any advice would be very welcome.

Very best wishes.


From Scotland with Love.

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