[access-uk] Re: looking for a accessible PDF reader, not adobe.

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Andy, just done some Googling on this question and haven't yet come up with any
freeware PDF to Word converters, though plenty of shareware ones, and of course
there is Nuance's offering, but that costs £39.

Some of these can be found at:


Might be free to download, but I think all of them are paid for in the end.
Also, if it is freeware you are after, beware getting ad ware or other nasties
along with it.

End by saying that for converting a few pages, with most PDF documents you can
simply highlight pages and copy and paste into MS Word.  Believe it or not, the
pasted text is screen reader readable text.  No idea how and why this works, and
some documents may not allow you to do this if they are protected.  Just thought
you'd like to know this dodge if you aren't already aware of it.

From Ray
I can be contacted off-list at:

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Hi all - on the subject of PDF and Adobe, I am needing to read quite a large
PDF file, and will be installing Adobe 8 on this machine to do it. Can
anybody give me some tips as to which settings etc need to be changed for it
to read well with JFW [6.20], or better still, how to convert it to a word
document for easy navigation? Thanks - Andy
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| Hi Barrie,
| Why not Adobe?  It is perfectly accessible, and I don't know of any
| All the best
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| Subject: [access-uk] looking for a accessible PDF reader, not adobe.
| hi folks.
| looking for a accessible PDF reader, not adobe.
| thanks.
| Barrie.

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