[access-uk] Re: laptop help please!

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Hi Alistair,
I see your first questions has been answered, but no comment
on the second.
Centrino is a type of processor which has been developed
specifically fore wireless networking.
If your new laptop is wireless ready, that's a potential
bonus for you.  Put very simply, it gives you the potential
to hook up to the internet, and send and receive mail,
without actually been connected with wires.  This could be
in your own home, or virtually anywhere in the world which
provides wireless access.
The net result is that you could simply pick up your laptop
and work anywhere in the house, or even outside, that suited
you.  No dragging cables about.
Of course for home use, you would need a wireless modem,
router or access point, but these days prices have fallen
I'll spare the connectivity details, but suffice to say with
Windows XP, especially SP2, things have become much easier
to set up, and once you have tasted wireless with a laptop,
you won't want to go back to hard wire - unless you have
really huge amounts of data to shift about at extremely high


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        Hi folks,
        Following the demise of my desktop pc I have been
presented with a new laptop for Christmas, problem is for
the life of me I can't find the keystroke for the jaws
curser!It's driving me nuts! I'm using jfw 4.5.1 with xp
home. Any help would be appreciated. Apparently this machine
has something called centrino technology, and is wireless
ready, sadly this is just double dutch to me, anyone who
could explain these terms to me would help me enormously.

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