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  • Date: Tue, 7 Aug 2007 12:30:43 +0100

Yeah Christopher, sounds your probably right here, my laptop powers off when it 
gets too hot, so I put it up on two rolls of empty sellotape on the two back 
corners, it never overheats whilst its up on those, but if I dare take it off 
it would burn out I'm sure, just making it last as its still on garantee and I 
want to send it off just before it runs out!

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  Don't mean to scare you Damon, but could one of the fans be going in your 
computer? By what I'm hearing, it sounds like the processor is getting too hot 
and therefore Windows is forced to shut down to prevent hardware damage caused 
by overheating hardware. However, Windows won't shut off straight away, 
obviously; you'll first notice the problems you've described before it either 
shuts off or reboots itself. Let's clear this one up first before trying to 
solve the others, as, in my view, it's highest in the priority list. Hope that 
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    Subject: [access-uk] lag, slowness, computer hell 

    HI there. 

    A few weeks ago my computer suddenly powered off of its own accord. After 
re-starting, I noticed that jaws speed and the system voice had changed. 

    I also noticed that many web pages seemed to load more slowly, and using 
Outlook Express seemed more sluggish. 

    When I use Word, it throws up lotrs of error messages now. 

    Many times when I hit REPLY on an email in Outlook Express, jaws freezes 
up. I often have to turn the computer off and start again. Some emails appear 
unreadable now too. 

    When arrowing down on certain websites that always used to be (and are 
still fine on my work computer) fine, the computer judders and spits and, with 
a 5 or 10 second delay time, will read the next line after I hit down arrow. 
And the speech synth will kind of grainily croak out the words. 

    I've checked my broadband and the connection speed is the same as it ever 

    My computer processor usage appears to bea around 10%. 

    I have been without virus software,however, for over a year since Norton 
was causing problems with my system. I realise I should have updated it ages 
ago. I now have Macafee on my PC from this week. I thought it might solve the 
problems, malicious viruses, adware perhaps, but it hasn't. 

    Confusingly, when I use Sounforge sound editing software, I have no 
problems at all despite the huge amount of audio data in memory and being 

    All these problems started about 3 weeks after an RNIB volunteer came round 
and help me install a new hard disk and some more memory. Worked fantastically 
for 3 weeks. 

    Does this sound at all familiar to you? 

    Any thoughts on what I could do appreciated. I never really know whether I 
have a computer problem or a JAWS initiated problem. 

    I'm using jaws 8. My computer is 5 years old. I have a 2.6 gig processor 
with 1 and a quarter gig of memory. 

    Thanks all.


    skype:  damonrose 

    London, England. 

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