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Hi Jackie

I do understand your point but, realistically though, most people looking to buy Telorion will buy directly from Telorion or Steve Nutt. If they have a contract phone they will still have to pay £260 for Telorion to be put on their phone, on top of their contract costs, and many contract phones are under warranty only if you don't mess around with them and retain the proprietary software. In fact, rooting or similar, which would need to be done to install Telorion, may actually break the terms of the contract and if the handset itself goes wrong there would be no guarantee that the contract provider would put things right. If they did, they would put it back to factory install and Telorion would have to be installed again, probably at additional cost. Buying Telorion as it stands now means that there is a 2 year warranty for both the software and the handset without any worries.

Where Telorion may be losing out is not offering some sort of pay as you go, or credit arrangement so that people unable to pay £500+ upfront can spread the cost of the phone over a few months, which would enable more people to take up the phone. However, this may not be an option for them due to the cost of licensing themselves as credit brokers, the admin involved or the costs outsourcing this arrangement to a third party to handle for them, none of which are cheap and tied up with financial legislation which would vary for each country that they are marketing the phone in. They may do this in the future, but at the moment I think they are too small and are spending all their money on research and development, which is no bad thing in itself.

Whilst it is nice to have a choice, both the current phones on offer are good phones, and more than capable of handling the needs of all but the most demanding. As they gradually increase the range of phones on offer they should be able to keep up with new technology as it evolves. Sometimes it is better to limit yourself to doing something well, rather than spread yourself too thin over many areas - or other phones in this case - and get it wrong.

Just adding a further two cents LOL.


On 02/08/2014 09:03, Jackie Brown wrote:

You appear to be coming through to the list now! (smile).

I was just trying to make the point that people wanting to buy Telorion will
have a job to do so if they wish to take their phone out on contract.  This
has nothing to do with wanting the latest and greatest, there are only two
phones to choose from at present, and you would struggle to get either on
contract.  That's all I am saying, just that if they don't get a move on
with new handsets, there won't even be a choice.

Anyway, fingers crossed we see the likes of the S5 and Nexus 5 appearing
with Telorion.  I am happy with the S4 Mini and have no wish to change to
run Telorion, but anyone coming into the Telorion project might want a new
model, and they might only want a contract rather than do as I did and
purchase it outright.

Kind regards,

Jackie Brown
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