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You appear to be coming through to the list now! (smile).

I was just trying to make the point that people wanting to buy Telorion will
have a job to do so if they wish to take their phone out on contract.  This
has nothing to do with wanting the latest and greatest, there are only two
phones to choose from at present, and you would struggle to get either on
contract.  That's all I am saying, just that if they don't get a move on
with new handsets, there won't even be a choice.

Anyway, fingers crossed we see the likes of the S5 and Nexus 5 appearing
with Telorion.  I am happy with the S4 Mini and have no wish to change to
run Telorion, but anyone coming into the Telorion project might want a new
model, and they might only want a contract rather than do as I did and
purchase it outright.

Kind regards,

Jackie Brown
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OK, fourth attempt to post this message. Let's see what happens this time.

Hi Jackie

I take your point, and it would be good to have a wider variety of phones to
choose from. However, don't forget, a lot of people are still using Talks
and buying second hand Symbian phones for this purpose. We've just sold a
Nokia N82 with Talks installed, and another friend has just bought a Nokia
C5. There will always be people who just want the access to a mobile phone
and won't necessarily want the latest and greatest.

My wife bought her S3 when it first came out, and is still using it and has
no desire to change it even though it is now out of contract. It is a good
phone and does everything she needs it to do. It may be an old model now,
but there is no reason to go for the latest model unless there is a specific
feature that you want or need. If Telorion can provide the phone access plus
extras that it does for someone who finds mobile technology difficult to
use, like me, then does it really matter what the base model is? Once you
use the Telorion overlay, what else lies underneath is a bit irrelevant. It
will only really matter if Telorion evolves to use any new Android features,
or the individual phone features which are not available on older handsets.
In which case, like everything else in technology today, you will have to
buy an new one to keep up with it.

If you really want to use the Android features themselves, and can manage
the touch technology in Android directly, then you don't really need
Telorion anyway. In which case, you can take you pick of handsets. In my
case, I'm loving the Telorion S4 mini, and it is the first mobile phone I
have been able to fully use since I lost my sight. It really has made a
difference to my life.

Just my two cents.


On 01/08/2014 14:34, Jackie Brown wrote:

        Hi Steve
        I'm not knocking Telorion, it is a great concept that many will
like.  But
        the S3 probably isn't available on contract any more, and the S4
Mini will
        go the same way very soon.  That leaves the option to currently buy
one or
        the other outright, but at £560 or £500, it isn't open to every
        I've had mine almost two months and there hasn't been any sign of
        handset added to the list, and while I completely agree with you and
        that it isn't easy to do this, the lack of choice will greatly
detract from
        the appeal to purchase in the end.  I don't doubt for a second that
        company is committed and doing its best, but if Telorion is to be
        available to use, then more phones have to be on offer.  I guess
this is the
        argument against the sort of garden-walled effect, but I know not
        can use touchscreen technology, enter Telorion! (smile).
        Kind regards,
        Jackie Brown
        Emails: jackieannbrown62@xxxxxxxxx
        Twitter: @thebrownsplace
        Skype: Thejackmate

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