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  • Date: Fri, 24 Jun 2005 17:52:11 +0100

1. I think you have to sign up for a new account with the audible.co.uk site.
2. There are no special offers at the moment I don't think, however you can 
enter your e-mail address into an edit field on the home page to notify you 
when they do happen.
3. It is the 512 MB IPod Shuffle.

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  Brian - Does Audible.co.uk require a new sign up? my username etc from 
Audible.com isn't being recognised!

  Also, the .com site has a summer sale on at present, does this apply to the 
UK site, or are they in affect different sites running independently?

  And one last one if I may, How much memory does the Ipod they're offering 
with a listener plan, come with?

  Thanks -

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    Members of the BCAB list may have seen my message to the effect that 
audible.co.uk was officially launched on 15 June.  All the prices on the site 
are now in British pounds, they have a British phone number on there to contact 
them if you want to, and there is British content on the site as well as the 
existing material.  There are British people on the end of the phone line too 
(smile)! I know, I've spoken to them.

    Given that Audible.co.uk are now offering a free IPod Shuffle if you sign 
up for one of their listener plans, and because there are problems with 
transferring audible books using Annapod explorer, I have decided to create 
some jaws scripts for ITunes to make ITunes a totally keyboard accessible 
program as far as I can.  Now that audible.co.uk is properly up and running, I 
am really keen to promote it as of course any source of audio books is a good 
thing.  Added to this, if we have a situation where a visually impaired person 
can get the IPod Shuffle and not have to pay anything additional, this is a 

    These scripts will be free of charge, basically because I am creating them 
since I personally want access to ITunes and the Shuffle to transfer books from
    audible.  They should be ready for anyone who would like them some time 
within the next two weeks, and if people would like them as and when, please 
    me a message.
    At the moment, the following features are included.  Please remember I am 
at an early stage with this.
    1. I have included the ability to track focus in the various lists, for 
example what I call the main category list displaying such items as "library, 
    music store, etc."  The good thing is that my scripts do not depend upon 
highlight colour assignments to track the focus.  This should also apply to the
    list of songs in the opposite list which shows which songs are on the IPod 
Shuffle, although this has not been tested yet as I am awaiting my new IPod
    from Audible.
    2. The concept behind these scripts is that everything should be accessible 
from the keyboard.  Therefore, we have a keystroke which moves you directly
    into the library area where all the music or books are stored.  Once there, 
you can use navigational keystrokes to move forward and back through the 
available songs or books in your library. Jaws will
    announce the song in the library as you move to it, and will advise you 
when you get to the top or bottom of the list.
    3. If you use the library navigation keys to find a song you wish to 
manipulate in the library such as to play it or delete it, use a separate 
keystroke to select it, whereupon it can be manipulated.
    4. The other thing I have done is to make it possible to drag and drop into 
ITunes from windows explorer, and this seems to work well with audible books.
     You find the file you want, copy it to the clipboard with control+C, then 
alt+tab over to ITunes, and hit control+V to paste it in there.

    That's about it for the moment, but if anyone has any further suggestions, 
feel free to let me know.

    Brian Hartgen

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